About Us

It’s a big world, and yours for the exploring. Whether you’re actively planning a trip or just dreaming of places you might want to go, we have the tips, tidbits and trivia to take you there.

From the obscure to the obvious, the practical to the whimsical, the must-sees and the must-avoids, we span the globe to round up the essential information and inspiration. We cover a wide range of budgets, interests, transportation modes and travel styles in destinations all over the map.

Our global-savvy writers are passionate about travel. Let us help fuel your wanderlust and fill your bucket list.

Catherine Forth, Writer and Editor

Catherine has always felt more at home “elsewhere”. The open road has called her to embark on multiple extended round-the-world trips covering 40+ countries and to spend a year or two living under 9 different flags (and counting) on 5 continents. These nomadic ways give her first-hand insight into a dizzying array of destinations, cultures and adventures. She’s written for various travel guide-books, newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the years.

Tessa Riley, Writer

In her younger days, Tessa was a free-spirited budget backpacker exploring the world wherever the wind took her. Nowadays, she has two globally curious children tagging along which puts a different spin on the travel plans and comfort requirements. This gives her a range of perspectives on which to draw from and share with Destination Tips readers.

Peter Simon, Writer

Peter is equally at ease in a Mongolian yurt and a 5-star Caribbean resort. He’s climbed the Inca Trail and cruised the Cote d’Azure. He’s dined on Mexican crickets in Oaxaca and eaten $100 potentially-deadly fugu in Tokyo. Basically, he’s game for anything on the travel spectrum. Destination Tips merges his dual passions of travel and writing, and gives him a good excuse to sample food from around the world, all in the name of research.